Construction 2020

Before we were ordered to shelter in place, shifts of families took turns over the course of a few days and emptied the entire basement out and hauled everthing up to the Multi-Purpose Room for storage while the basement is under construction for remodel. Our contractor was able to get quite a bit of demo done on the basement before they were ordered to shelter in place, but will not be able to return until the order is lifted.

We are still waiting on permits, but as you can imagine, there's a backlog during theses crazy times. Pray it's soon and they can begin construction when they are able to return to work.

You will also notice that we have moved the library to the conference room and the conference room is moved temporarily to the Fellowship Hall during this time of shutdown. The old library will become a new Associate Pastor's Office. We will need to put new flooring, lighting, and furnish the new Pastor Office - and none of that is part of our building project, so the labor, materials and cost is all on us. If you are moved to want to contribute to this effort in creating a new office for a new pastor, your contributions are welcomed.

The other project that will happen simultaneously (also not part of the building project, but has already been covered with other contributions) is re-doing the face of the oldest part of the building (the old, old sanctuary that are now Sally & Jacque's offices). Sally and Jacque have temporarily moved into the Genesis Room until the frontage can be remodeled when the permits are approved and the workers can return. Once that is completed they will move back into their offices and the conference room will be moved into the Genesis Room temporarily (for about 9 months) until the remodel of the rest of the building is completed and it is relocated.

We'll keep you updated on any new developments.

Pr. Jim Johnson